Remote Auto-Cad Service

Remote Auto CAD services
1. Generalized Design Service
2. Personalized Design Service
Generalized Design Support:
Under this Design Model we are operating 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday) and 8 Hours a day (9:00am to 5:00Pm)
1. Input (Procurement Order) from Client.
2. Cost estimation & Invoice to Client.
3. 50% advance payment to initiate work.
4. Detailing/Designing.
5. Quality, Supervision and confirmation.
6. Completed Work Submission to Client
7. Final Invoice from Company
Personalized Design Support:
Where a designer is required specifically for a particular client/project we will allocate a dedicated server and work Station, from which the designer will be concentrating only on particular project as per Client requirement and instruction.
Here the designer will work a base 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) and 8 hours a day (as per client demand)
We will ensure a monthly detailed report to our client on works completed and to manage any issues that may arise.
1. Proper agreement between company & Client (That includes Minimum contract period, client Requirements, fixed monthly etc.)
2. Getting Input/order from Client (Through secure mail & video conferencing)
3. Detailing of drawing
4. Checking of drawing
5. Submission of drawing to client
6. Feedback from client
7. Payment clearance.
For all our services we will ensure intellectual property security protection and confidentiality through signing of mutually agreed (NDA) agreements.